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FREE mobile app for Science, Technology and Medical professionals who need to keep up-to-date, on the go

  • Track your search terms across 20,000+ peer-reviewed journals
  • Publisher-neutral: powered by journals from hundreds of publishers
  • Scan lists of newly-published research articles
  • Use author-written bulleted highlights or abstracts to select articles for reading
  • For Apple or Android smartphones and tablets

Research Highlights mobile app' is currently available for:
* iOS 6 devices and above.
* Android 2.2.3 devices and above.


Research Highlights is a FREE to download app which supports users in their key task of keeping current with newly-published research.
It enables this task to be performed across over 20,000 journals from all major publishers.

Users can define their article feed by:

  • Following all peer-reviewed articles matching the keyword(s) that are most relevant to them and/or
  • Following one or more of over 20,000 journals from all major publishers and/or
  • Following one or more author(s)
  • Users are then able to Scan through the list of newly-published articles that match their selection criteria.

When scanning, with one click they can View the article Research Highlights (when available), the full Abstract and article-related information.
Another single click Select that article and send the URL directly to the user's email in-box linking to the Abstract or full-text version
Back at their desk, users can then click on those emailed links and Follow up to the full text article



Release notes

Release 2.0
Released on 10 July 2014
  • New: Advanced filters enable users to select AND / OR relationship between Keywords, Journals and Authors
  • New: Push notifications
  • New: Feedback web form
  • New: Native look & feel
  • New: Share articles to a colleague and synchronization with device contact list
  • New: Ability to select more than one article in Favourites and send them to users inbox or share to social media
  • New: Forget password and edit login details functionality
  • Fixed: Bugs in settings
  • Fixed: Feeds order. Most recent feeds come now first


Research Highlights strives to be the most comprehensive, user-friendly, and reliable source of newly-published research articles available.

Feedback from our users is critical to helping us achieve this goal. Please feel welcome to contact us with any questions or comments.

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